Misean Cara


Misean Cara works to bring about transformation through supporting missionary organisations and their partners, who are involved in promoting poverty eradication, education, health care, social justice, peace, the integrity of creation, and inter-religious collaboration.

Our members work to bring about:

  • poverty eradication;
  • the sustainable use of resources;
  • the promotion of just and peaceful relationships among peoples.


Some projects between YSBS and Misean Cara are

  1. Work shop and tools for SMK Yos Sudarso Kawunganten

K640_DSC_4063 K640_DSC_4053 K640_DSC_4061 K640_DSC_4065

2. Tools and equipment for SMK Yos Sudarso Jeruklegi

K640_IMG_7523 K640_IMG_7524 K640_IMG_7526 K640_IMG_7530 K640_IMG_7542 K640_IMG_7538 K640_IMG_7542 K640_IMG_7547

3. Garment making equipment for SMK Yos Sudarso Majenang

K640_IMG_1870 K640_IMG_1871 K640_IMG_1872 K640_IMG_1873 K640_IMG_1874 K640_IMG_1875 K640_IMG_1881

4. Student Loan Program for AMN Cilacap