Embassy of Ireland

Visit Ambassador of Ireland HE Mr. Kyle O’Sullivan and Deputy Ambassador of Ireland Mr. Tom Redmond in Cilacap
Tuesday, April 26, 2016 until Wednesday, April 27, 2016, Ambassador of Ireland HE Mr. Kyle O’Sullivan was accompanied by Deputy Ambassador of Ireland Mr. Tom Redmond to visit the city of Cilacap. During the two days they were together Father Charlie (Romo Carolus) and Yayasan Sosial Bina Sejahtera (YSBS) visited some places that a program of activities YSBS. This visit got an escort from the police station Cilacap for a VVIP guests.

Around 08.30 on Tuesday, April 26, 2016 delegation of the Embassy of Ireland got Tunggul Wulung Cilacap Airport and were greeted by Father Charlie and YSBS parties. Following from that they proceed to TK Pius Sidareja (kindergarten) at Ranggasena Street No. 596 Sidareja, one of the schools under the auspices YSBS are getting donations from St. Patrick Community through the Embassy of Ireland. Ambassador of Ireland HE Mr. Kyle O’Sullivan inaugurate the classrooms were in TK Pius Sidareja. The next visit is viewed SMK Yos Sudarso  (Vocational High School) which is also located in one complex with TK Yos Sudarso.

The location of next visit after Sidareja is Penikel village and Pelindukan village Kampung Laut Cilacap. Two of the village is the site of food security program implemented by YSBS form of making water channels and sluice to cope with droughts in the dry season and floods in the rainy season that hit both areas. The positive outcomes which had been dry land can now be planted with some kind of productive plants such as citrus, corn, etc.

On the way back to the town of Cilacap, the delegation visited the SMK Yos Sudarso Kawunganten (Vocational High School) located on Gereja Street Kawunganten. In SMK Yos Sudarso Kawunganten, the delegation visited the workshop to practice vocational students. The workshop is the result of a donation given by donor agencies Misean Cara coming from Ireland.

Then the group returned to the city and the rest in Cilacap Dafam hotel. The initial plan at 19.00, Ambassador of Ireland HE Mr. Kyle O’Sullivan, Deputy Ambassador of Ireland Mr. Tom Redmond, and Father Charlie will meet with Mr. Tatto Pamuji Cilacap, Regent of Cilacap. But unfortunately, Regent of Cilacap was attending events held by Gubernus Central Java, so the meeting was canceled.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016 at 08.00, the group headed to SMA Yos Sudarso (Senior High School) Cilacap. In A. Yani Street Cilacap, one of the schools which are under the auspices of YSBS. In SMS Yos Sudarso Cilacap, they visited the classes and see also the gamelan room (Javanese traditional musical instruments), one of school extra-curricular arts that is typical of Central Java.

After from SMA Yos Sudarso Cilacap, the group headed to building of Akademi Maritim Nusantara in Kendeng Street Cilacap. The first visit is to Bank Perkreditan Rakyat Ukabima Sejahtera, which is a micro-business banking unit. The group headed to the top floor of the building AMN to see the room simulator used for student AMN as a simulation control of the ship.

Projects such as dams in areas Rawa Bendungan Menganti be the last visit’s location Ambassador and Deputy Ambassador of Ireland in Cilacap. After that they headed to the airport Tunggul Wulung to return to Jakarta.

First day photos

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Second day photos

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