IMG_5662-847x477Cilacap, SatelitPost – Dozens of hectares of land on the island of Nusakambangan Cilacap burned by the illegal settlers who occupied the island in the last few days. Burning the land done following allegations by the person granting of a penitentiary in the prison island.

The burning of land known as dozens of Members of the Civil Service Police Unit (Satpol PP) together with a number of police personnel Cilacap, to raid illegal logging, Wednesday (30/9). Joint officers found a number of former point fire burned trees in reclaiming.

In fact, although there are officers who combed reclaiming, burning the land remains. However, making the clerk difficult to reach. Officers can only reach the number of points that had been burned.

Repression Kasubdit municipal police Cilacap, Agus Marhaena Ssos who led the raid, said he immediately moved to Nusakambangan after getting information about their forest burning. Any number of personnel deployed to comb the island.

“Although it did not catch any of the burning forest, but we went straight to the population there to refrain from burning. We’ve go one by one resident as well as resident coordinator on the island, “he said.

Agus added that the results of sweepings, are known, many of the area burned. The fire was deliberately done residents to expand their agricultural area. The fire makes reclaiming more and more barren.

“Control is already many times dilakukakan. But people come back to the island and settled there. This time they actually reckless burning forests. It will continue to be monitored so that combustion is not more widespread, “he said.

Meanwhile, reclaiming the Conservation Team Coordinator of the Foundation for Social Welfare Development (YSBS), Rumbono said, the results of Inventory is done, there are more than 50 hectares of forest were burned intentionally. Combustion was made after a meeting between the citizens and unscrupulous employees of one of the prisons reclaiming.

“There are allegations, citizens are given the freedom to manage reclaiming land as a farm. Especially after the meeting, where the agricultural products of the squatters will be entered into a cooperative one prison, “he said.

He added that during the meeting, there was agreement between the residents and prison officers. Which is related to picking fruit crops (cocoa / chocolate, rice, rubber and coconut) will be managed by cooperatives prisons. Residents were required to deposit 20 percent of the harvest.

“The forest fire should be stopped. Without any burnt, reclaiming the forest has been severely damaged due to rampant illegal logging, “said Rumbono.

Related to the demand deposit amounting to 20 percent of the crop, justified resident coordinator Selok Jero Nusakambangan, Cucu. According to him, the entire crop will be managed cooperative citizens Permisan prison.

“It is true that yesterday there was a meeting of representatives Permisan prison. In fact we were told to collect the resident ID card for the manufacture of Membership Card (KTA) cooperative prisons, “he said.

Cucu added, the results of the meeting with the prison, the actual farmers are forbidden from opening new land. But he did not know if it turns out there are people who deliberately set fire to the forest to open up new farmland.

“I did hear a lot of forest that was burned. But I do not know who it is. Because here there are many groups of citizens. In addition, the distance between the homes and the other quite far apart that it is difficult to monitor, “he said.

According to him, the prison asked only that the farmers cultivate existing land area of ​​300 hekatre. But he does not deny that if there are some people who want to expand their agricultural land. (

(SatelitPost, Thursday, October 1, 2015)